Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinkler systems are the most efficient method of providing fire protection to buildings and providing life safety to the building occupants.

Fire sprinkler systems provide flexibility to building design and construction, including larger fire cells and for staged evacuation of hospitals, rest homes and other large care facilities

For new fire sprinkler installations Sprinkler & Alarm Inspections Ltd work in conjunction with your Approved Fire Sprinkler Contractor to inspect and test the new installation. This ensures compliance with the respective NZ Standard and the Building Consent

After your building is completed, an ongoing inspection schedule is mandatory to comply with the requirements of your Building Warrant of Fitness. These inspections are completed either annually or biennially dependent on the Standard to which the system was installed and/or the requirements of the Territorial Authority.

New Zealand has, what is regarded to be, the best save record of sprinkler protected buildings in the world. To ensure the ongoing safety of your building and its occupants contact Sprinkler & Alarm Inspection Limited in the first instance.