Fire Hydrants

Some of the larger and/or taller buildings require fire hydrant systems allowing Fire & Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) to access a water source closer to the seat of a fire.

These systems require inspection and testing at installation and then annually thereafter, ensuring
their reliability should the hydrant system be utilised in a fire emergency. Sprinkler & Alarm Inspections Ltd will inspect and report on your fire hydrant system to ensure its reliability and ongoing compliance of the system.

In urban areas and on some larger commercial sites in-ground fire hydrants are installed to provide a source of water for firefighting.The reticulation they are connected to may also be an approved water source for fire sprinkler systems. Sprinkler & Alarm Inspections Ltd have the equipment and personnel to test fire hydrants and their respective water supply characteristics.

Hydrant testing may be for fire sprinkler system design, confirmation of adequacy of firefighting water for new developments, performance testing of existing Territorial Authority supplies and/or routine inspection and testing of fire hydrants on your site. Sprinkler & Alarm Inspections Ltd have trained and qualified staff available for work on the road to meet with any Traffic Management Plan that may be required.

Contact our experienced team at Sprinkler & Alarm Inspections Ltd to discuss your water supply/ hydrant testing requirements.